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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Dusk Hunter
A Novel
By Genevieve Noling

Regni Obscuritatis

It is always dark here. Light, among other things, tends to lose meaning when there is a lack of it.
How long since daylight touched my fingertips?
How long since moonlight, starlight, candlelight shone in my eyes?
It is always dark here. As dark as the dreams of those that scream from insanity around me. Some cannot bear the darkness in their own hearts.
Sometimes I wonder if I am the only sane person left in this place.
But no. There are others like me. Few and far between, but they exist.
I must find them soon, before they succumb to the poison of this place.
Indeed, this place is poison of the strongest kind. The blackness of the place seeps into your heart and steals the light from the world so you go blind.

Senses deprived,
lightness gone,
the poison comes,
and a life is done.

That is how the world is like here.
Ah, but I remember a better world that I once lived in, a world where there was a sun, a world where there was life and happiness, a world of beauty...
But no. That world still exists but I cannot enter it, for I know not where the portal is. Nobody knows where the portal is to leave this place except the Guardians.
Ha! The Guardians - a more fallacious misnomer I have never heard. They do not protect us - they keep us imprisoned to torture us. They sneer at us, laugh at the pain in our hearts and minds, and then whip us when we show any sign of hope or happiness or acceptance of our position.
Guardians - they should have been called devils.

They have come again. They have come to see if any of us have light in our eyes. They have come to whip us hopeless again. They peer into my cell, searching me from a distance. I look straight at them and sneer in their face.
I am the only one in this place that has never been whipped, regardless of what I do.
Why am I so special, you ask?
Ha! I am more special than I care to think about. More special than you know. But they know, they know who and what I am.
I am a monster and they know that.
They spare me, not because they pity me or because they like me, but because they fear me.
As well they should - there is a reason they study me from a distance. The last guard that entered my cell to study my eyes was the one that I mutilated beyond all recognition.
How did I accomplish this, you ask? How, you ask, did I mutilate a person when I had no weapon with which to harm his body, while he had an executioner's gun and a knife of strongest steel?
I almost pity you that you should be so innocent.
You say that I had no weapon? Ah, but I did have a weapon - a weapon more powerful than any weapon these pathetic men own.
I had Power. I could bend the mind of anyone around me to do what I wish, merely by looking into their eyes and thinking of what I wished them to do.
There, you see? Do you not think me a monster now?
I am a monster.
Those around me are no different.
But I am different than them. I have not given into darkness yet. Why are the guards still staring at me? They are talking - what is that they say?
“She is like those other two.”
I got up and tried to look the guard in the eyes. But he lowered his head and would not look at me. I reached through the bars, lifted his head and stared at him. But he closed his eyes and would not look. This is what they always do, and, normally, I let them. They have nothing of consequence to say to me. Breaking out of this place would do me no good. I would merely be sent back. However, today was different. They had something that was worth knowing - and I wanted to know.
This may be what they always do, but today I would have none of it.
Open your eyes!
His eyes snapped open and I looked in them. What other two do you speak of?
“The other two who were brought in with you. They have special powers as well, and they haven't lost the light, either.”
Take me to them.
“As you say.”
“What are you doing?” The other guard says when the one I was talking to starts opening the cell door.
I look at him and don't give him a chance to lower his eyes. Don't argue.
The man blinked and nodded.
“Come with us,” the first one said.
I followed.

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